Monday, June 16, 2008

Stan Winston Passes Away

It is with great sadness I make this post. Legendary make up and creature effects artist Stan Winston has passed away at age 62. He was one of Hollywood's top talent. Throughout his career, he won three Academy Awards. His loss is a great one to the effects industry, and to Hollywood as a whole.

Some of you might not know his name, but you most certainly know his work. He and his team of talented artist brought us the likes of the Terminator, the Jurassic Park dinosaurs, Alien, Predator, and many more. His most recent work was creating the practical suit for Iron Man.

His death hits kind of close to home for me, because I am an aspiring effects artist. Even though I aspire to be a CG artist, and not a physical effects artist as Stan was, he is still an inspiration to me. His animatronic work on Jurassic Park, along with ILM's CG effects, is what inspired me originally to want to be an effects artist.

So next time you watch one of the classic movies he worked on, remember all the hard work and genius behind the effects that he and his team created. A truly talented man, and a great loss to be sure.

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Filipe Monteiro said...

Man, Jurassic Park will never be the same... wait... OH, CRAP! Everything is gonna be CG!! Well... I guess your job opportunities will go to the roof, then :D