Friday, November 16, 2007

"The Menagerie Part II"

So, tonight Jonathan, Sarah, and I finally got to watch the Menagerie Parts I&II at our local theater. You can refer to "The Menagerie Part I" (blog) to read about how Tuesday night's attempt to watch it got me a speeding ticket.

I must say, it was a great time. There was even a guy there fully decked out in a 60s Starfleet uniform.

CBS Digital has done a great job cleaning up the old camera negatives, and making the episodes look sharp and colorful. The new CG effects, most notably, the all new digital U.S.S. Enterprise looked great. Very nice job all around.

Great night. We all had lots of fun. And this time, the showing wasn't canceled, and I didn't get a speeding ticket.

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